3 Hours
Max People

Night tours of Colosseum underground and arena floor. For more details see below or contact us.




  • Enter the Colosseum at night with a guide and get special access to the areas usually closed to the public
  • Head to the Colosseum underground area, learn the history from your guide and soak it up all in the eerie silence.
  • access to the arena floor the fighting area of gladiators
  • included first and second floor with your expert guide
  • Tour the Colosseum in a small group of maximum 16 people
  • Dedicated audio headset provided so you do not miss a word while viewing up monuments
  • Colosseum
  • Under ground floor
  • Under ground tunnels
  • Arena floor
You have a chance to get inside the Colosseum when it is closed for the day.You will visit its underground corridors, the arena and the first ring of the seating area on this special visit. At the day time thousands of people visit Colosseum so it is crowded but at night time it’s quite different. Only few groups people get a chance to visit underground appalling tunnels in peaceful environment.
There is no crowd and you have a chance to see wonder of Ancient Roman civilization with a guide at night. Nights visit something different than the days visit because at night its a lot quieter and a lot cooler, away from the heat of the day.Visit with your guide at night to see most famous and largest amphitheatre. At night move underground , where fighters and animals awaited their turn in the arena.You can get information about Colosseum,s bloody history and can follow the
gladiators footsteps .It’s VIP experience just perfect for those who want to avoid the crowds, or experience something different in Rome.Different tickets give you access to different sections of the Colosseum.

the guide will leads to the famous arena floor by following the footsteps of gladiators. The glorious Arena, was famous for, hosting extremely dramatic and cruel shows on the water and sand, wait for your guide to give you more details.

The Colosseum Underground and Arena was most important constructions for politics and entertainment for many centuries. its tunnels and walls, some still existing today, these allows you to go deep into the past and understand how the Emperors use their powers to their public, through battles and shows.

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